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A new film by respected environmental publication the Ecologist has highlighted the growing controversy surrounding Cayman Turtle Farm. Investigators from the Ecologist visited the Farm, the last facility in the world to farm sea turtles for human consumption, after WSPA revealed shocking levels of animal cruelty and suffering. The Cayman Islands’ Department of Environment (DoE) have broken their silence on the issue for the first time, admitting that it had concerns about the Farm prior to WSPA’s investigation. DoE Director Gina Ebanks-Petrie told the Ecologist: “If there’s a good thing to come from this then it would be that shining a light on the farm would mean that everybody understands that it is under scrutiny and that it is really important that the husbandry and the care really are important considerations from the Farm’s management’s perspective.” Pressure mounting on Farm The Ecologist film comes in the wake of growing political pressure in the UK, with 65 MPs from across the board already signing up to a Parliamentary motion condemning the Farm. The Cayman Turtle Farm is denying WSPA’s claims, with its Managing Director Tim Adam calling the operation “a facility the Cayman Islands can be proud of”. WSPA does not believe that forcing over 7,000 sentient animals into cramped, overcrowded tanks is anything to be proud of. WSPA Wildlife Campaigns Manager Rachel Alcock said: “The tide of public opinion is turning against the Cayman Turtle Farm. “The bottom line is simple: there is no humane way to farm sea turtles. We would ask that the Farm would stop burying their head in the sand, engage with WSPA and commit to stopping farming for good.