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The Cayman Turtle Farm has committed to making positive changes at its facility after an investigation by WSPA uncovered shocking evidence of animal suffering. Caymanian free diving world champion Tanya Streeter joined WSPA to deliver a 144,000 strong petition to the Caymanian Government and the Farm’s management team calling for an end to sea turtle farming. Tanya said: “I feel honoured to be one of the 144,000 supporters who have called on the Cayman Turtle Farm to transition to a purely conservation based facility which prioritises the welfare of the turtles.” Your pressure works Thanks to your pressure, the Farm’s bosses appear to have accepted the evidence of animal suffering and have promised to begin working constructively with WSPA to address our concerns. WSPA and the Farm are now in discussions about the best ways to tackle the most urgent issues at the facility including the handling of turtles by the Farm’s visitors. No humane way to farm sea turtles WSPA Wildlife Campaign Leader Dr. Neil D’Cruze said: “While in many ways we are pleased with the outcome of today’s meeting, WSPA continues to believe that minor improvements will not and cannot address the long term root cause of this suffering: green sea turtles are wild solitary animals that simply cannot adapt to life crammed into a farm with 9000 others. “Now is the moment where we expect the Cayman Turtle Farm to start demonstrating a real and serious commitment to change. We will strive to continue to work with the Farm to identify a solution that has the best interests of these turtles at its heart.