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Thank you from WSPA Australia

Dec 21, 2012
We could not think of enough ways to say 'THANK YOU' for helping us to help animals in 2012! Watch this uplifting video if you were part of our extraordinary journey to help animals this year.

The Netherlands bans fur farming

Dec 18, 2012
A momentous leap forward in the protection of animals was reached in the Dutch Senate today: a large majority voted to ban the production of fur.

QUIZ: Want to discover their inner animal?

Dec 18, 2012
We know how hard it is to find that perfect gift that shows your care, luckily we’ve got the perfect solution

WSPA partners with BeyondCover to help animals in need

Dec 10, 2012
WSPA partners with BeyondCover to help animals around the world.

Two more bears rescued from baiting in Pakistan

Nov 30, 2012
In Pakistan, two Asiatic black bears have been given new lives at the WSPA funded Balkasar bear sanctuary after being rescued from the cruel sport of bear baiting

WSPA celebrates better future for India’s bears

Nov 26, 2012
WSPA’s 17 years of bear protection work in India and our part in ending the cruelty of bear dancing was recognised by the Indian government today, as it announced a national action plan to safeguard bears.

A chilled approach: alternatives to live export

Nov 22, 2012
Live animal export is a cruel practice. Millions of animals are sent overseas for slaughter each year.

Asher Keddie - freedom fighter for Romania's majestic brown bears

Nov 21, 2012
WSPA Ambassador Asher Keddie journeys to Romania to witness the rescue and release of bears held in captivity, by Trent Dalton.

Asher Keddie on her trip to Romania to see bears rescued: “I was so completely overwhelmed… I could hardly breathe.”

Nov 19, 2012
Animal-lover Asher Keddie, together with WSPA, recently October embarked on her first mission as WSPA's National Ambassador.

Enclosure opens at Zarnesti Bear Sanctuary to house last 25 bears held in illegal captivity in Romania

Nov 7, 2012
Twenty years on from building the world’s first bear sanctuary we opened the final enclosure at the Zarnesti Bear Sanctuary this week in the Carpathian Mountains, Romania.

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