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Helping voiceless victims in a disaster

Sep 12, 2012

Our neighbouring regions have always been vulnerable to natural disasters, and none more so than in recent months as we have witnessed devastating floods in India and debilitating droughts across Vietnam.

During disasters such as these it is often animals that are displaced or abandoned in the ensuing chaos; left to defend for themselves distressed, hungry, dehydrated and vulnerable to disease.

But, thanks to compassionate WSPA supporters like you, our highly experienced disaster management teams have been quickly deployed to come to the aid of thousands of frightened and vulnerable animals in both India and Vietnam.

Navigating the waves for animals in flood-stricken India

When floods hit the Assam state in India recently thousands of animals were forgotten in the chaos. 

As the flash floods hit very quickly inundating the region with heavy waters, our rapid response disaster management team were immediately deployed to supply emergency animal feed, and set up veterinary health camps,  to aid thousands of displaced and distressed animals.

Thanks to the generosity of WSPA supporters our team on the ground has continued to deliver food and veterinary aid and provide essential surgical kits to veterinary dispensaries.  

We have set up eight veterinary camps benefiting 1,150 households and almost 28,400 animals; including cattle, buffalo, sheep, goats, pigs, horses, chickens and ducks. 

We have so far distributed over 80 tonnes of much needed rice bran to 2,200 households, and helped to feed almost 11,840 hungry cattle and 6,220 ravenous pigs.

Now, with your help, we’re continuing to offer support to the flood ravaged communities; working with local authorities, groups and veterinarians to assess and advice on long term animal welfare solutions in Kaziranga national park, Assam and the district of Dhemaji.

Together we are offering a lifeline to those impacted by floods, and ensuring that communities and animal owners are fully prepared to safeguard their animals, now and in the future should disaster strike again!

Offering relief to thousands of animals in scorched Vietnam

The Vietnam’s Yen Thuy District has experienced a dreadful drought afflicted year, with animals suffering across the arid land with a dire shortage of animal feed available.

The compassion and generosity of WSPA supporters has once again assisted our expert teams to offer much needed aid and provisions for stricken farmers and their livestock.

Your support has provided emergency feed, keeping 3,800 pigs fed for a whole month in some of the most vulnerable and heavily impacted areas of the district.

Thanks to you we are working alongside the Vietnamese community; offering workshops for animal health officers across the district so they can once again help to provide basic food for starving and dehydrated animals. 

We have hosted community workshop for 150 households in the four most severely impacted areas, to help to demonstrate animal food preservation techniques to ensure the little food available lasts longer.

We’re helping local communities and the animals that rely on them to survive the droughts; increasing animal food stocks and improving its nutritional value before more extreme weather hits.

Together we are there to ensure that people are educated and equipped to make sure their animals are not the scorched victims of the increasing droughts.

The story doesn’t end there…

Both floods and drought continue to hit India and Vietnam will little hope of a respite anytime soon. The more the extreme weather continues the more animals will need our help.

In 2011 WSPA deployed its disaster management teams to Nepal, Pakistan to Costa Rica, coming to the direct aid of almost 330,000 animals and indirectly helping thousands more. 

In 2012, it looks like we will be helping literally thousands more animals in need again.

By supporting WSPA and our Animals in Disaster you are directly helping us to be an integral part of any rescue mission - so animals are never the forgotten victims.

For this we thank you. We simply couldn’t do the work without you.

To witness our team in action please click on the link below 
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