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End the bear bile industry

Thousands of bears are suffering this unnecessary cruelty
<i>Bears belong in the wild. But instead there are bears in Pakistan which are regularly tormented and injured in the savage blood sport of bear baiting</i>

Bear baiting

Dogs are encourgaed to savage a clawless bear in this violent blood sport
Joining forces for bear protection in India

A better future: celebrating the end of bear dancing

A success story for bears and people
A rescued, rehabilitated brown bear Romanian first bear sanctuary

Bear sanctuaries

For some rescued bears a better life lies ahead
A bear seeks food in human rubbish

Human–bear conflict

When human food sources are near bear habitats, conflict often follows
A bear cub in readied for life in the wild

Bear cub rehabilitation

Some orphaned young bears can be rehabilitated and released into the wild

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A rescued, rehabilitated brown bear in Romania's first bear sanctuary